How to prevent the causes of fire damage

Preventing Fire Damage

Fire damage is one of the worst nightmares. Fires destroy everything whatever it is. Let’s talk directly about the most common causes that create extensive destruction and the precautions you should know about how to control it and limit the fire damage.

1. Cooking:
Flammable materials near the cooking heat are one of the most common causes of fires. It only takes seconds for flames to spread so take care not to put any combustibles near the cooking heat.

2. Smoking:
Cigarettes are not only a disaster to your health but also to your residence. Make sure that the cigarette is completely put out and don’t through it in flames.

3. Kids:
Some kids like to burn things. Make it clear to them to stay away from flammables, matches and anything that can cause fire damage.

4. Electricity:
All it takes to produce a flame is a single spark. Imagine what a single spark is able to do if there are inflammable materials around it. Make sure that your electricity is perfect and keep any inflammable materials away in a safe place.

5. Candles:
Candles give the home a nice scent but going to bed without putting them out is hazardous. Put them out it will take a second.

So the risks of fire damage are high and that is why there are plenty of precautions to consider.

1. Fire alarm:
Alarms are activated through heat detectors, smoke detectors or manually. When they detect a fire, it warns people visually and audibly.
After establishing a fire alarm, test it regularly to make sure that the batteries the whole device are still working. Also place it in a place that it is reachable by smoke. It is common to be put in the kitchen.

2. Fire extinguisher:
It is common in companies but if you have one at home it will be safer. It will make it easier to control small flames like in the kitchen. Put it in a place that is easily accessible. It is easily used, just follow the following steps:

– Stand next to the door and keep a distance between you and the flames.
– Pull the safety pin.
– Aim the hose of the extinguisher at the base of the flame.
– One hand is holding the hose and the other is holding the lower lever. Squeeze the two levers to release the extinguishing material and release the upper lever to stop releasing. Swipe the hose to the left and to the right while putting out the flames
– If you are unable to put it out, escape through the exit.

3. Fire door:
Fire doors are thick and heavy to reduce the spread of flames and smoke. It enables you to call for emergency help.

4. Fire sprinkler system: 
It was only used in companies and factories but nowadays it is available for houses. The percentage of fires controlled by sprinkler systems alone is about 96% so it is the safest method ever to prevent damage.

Taking full control over the area is a very difficult task, yet it is not impossible. At least when you take your precautions, you will be able to stop the fire damage significantly. This way you are keeping your family, home and even your whole neighborhood from being destroyed.

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