How to Cleanup Smoke Damage

cleaning up smoke damage after fire

Smoke damage can occur due to various reasons such as a fire, burning of something in the building or cooking something in the kitchen, which results in smoke. Smoke has the tendency to quickly spread in the building and cause damage to the walls and other items in the home. The smoke particles also stay suspended in the air leading to difficulty in breathing and other health issues for the inhabitants. It is, therefore, necessary to perform the proper smoke damage control process to bring the original shape of the walls, items, and other damaged areas. Similarly, it is also necessary to remove the smoke from building in order to protect the inhabitants of the building.

Removing smoke from the building

Smoke will be severe in the building if it is due to a fire in the building. When the fire broke out, it is necessary to vacate immediately and call the fire department. Once the fire has been put out, let the water to drain from the home. Once the water has been drained out, you can start the air ventilation process. You can follow the steps below to remove the smoke from the building:

  1. Open the windows and doors of the building so that the smoke particles hanging in the air can find a path to leave the building.
  2. Now turn the fans so that a push can be provided to the smoke particles to leave the building.
  3. Use air freshener or some sort of spray to remove the odor from the building.

Removing smoke and soot damage from the building

Smoke and soot damage is the black spots left by it on the walls of the building. Sometimes these are hard and become very difficult to remove. While on the other occasions, they are not so severe can be removed. In case they are unable to remove, you can remove the paint from the walls. Then repaint the walls so that the black spots are not visible.

However, since repainting the wall is more costly as compared to cleaning it, most people tend to use other methods. In order to clean the wall, you can use smoke damage removing agents, which are commercially available in the market. Spray the smoke damage, soot and ash removal on the wall and gently rub it with a clean cloth or sponge. The black spots will start clearing and the clean wall will appear. Dry the wall completely after performing the process.   

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