5 carpet cleaning secrets and tips

carpet cleaning tips and secrets

Carpet cleaning is not always an easy task. Certain stains are really difficult to remove. Carpets get older, become full of dust and finally their colors become older and paler. Taking a good care of your floors will increase its life span and keep it as new as if you just bought it. So let’s find out some of the secrets used in carpet cleaning recommended by experts in the carpet cleaning industry so you don’t have to hire anyone to remove difficult stains in addition to keeping your floors always clean.

1. Never rub stains:

The worst mistake ever made when you have a stain is to rub or scrape it. When you do this, you are damaging the carpet by two ways:
– Pushing the stain deeper into the fibers which makes it more difficult to be removed.
– Spreading the stain to the surrounding area.
Soak a piece of clean cloth in a cleaning solution then gently pressure from outwards inwards to blot the stain out and avoid spreading it.

2. Freeze gum with ice cubes: 

It happens often when you find gum stuck to the carpet and you don’t even know from where it came. If you tried to pull it or cut the fibers with scissors, you may cause marked damage to that location. The secret in this situation is to freeze the gum by putting some ice cubes over it for a minute, then removing it with a spoon or a knife. Don’t try to cut the fibers or dig into it with the knife just scrape the gum and repeat till you remove it completely.

3. Wax is easily removed:

Candles make the scent of the house adorable but it comes with consequences. It may seem terrible when you find drops of wax stuck into the carpet but actually it is not. Here is the trick and some precautions to remove the wax drops properly and safely:
– Place a piece of cloth over the drop.
– Place a warm iron over the cloth. Don’t leave the iron on the fibers for more than a minute and keep the kids away from it.
– Scrape the wax out of the carpet with a spoon or a knife. Again don’t dig into it or cut the fibers.
– Repeat till you remove all the wax.

4. Grease spots: 

These are really difficult to clean but the following steps will make it easier:
– Mix some drops of a dishwashing detergent with a cup of water.
– Put the solution in a spray bottle.
– Spray the stain then with a piece of cloth start removing the stain.
– Repeat till the stain is completely removed. It may take time till you completely remove the stain.

5. Blood stains:

Accidents happen. Deal with the problem of blood stains after taking good care of the injured person.
Hydrogen peroxide is the solution. It is known as an antiseptic in severe cases of skin and wound infections.
Before using hydrogen peroxide, mix some drops of a detergent with water and try to rub the stain off.
Pour hydrogen peroxide over the reminder, It will foam.
Finally dry the carpet out with a piece of cloth.

Frequent carpet cleaning is the only way to keep it brand new. These carpet cleaning tips are essential when you face a similar emergency situation and you need to clean it immediately or to save money instead of hiring a professional carpet cleaner to handle it.

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