How to prevent water damage caused by snowmelt flooding?

Snowmelt flooding is a common reason behind water damage to the buildings in snowy areas where melting water from streets tend to affect buildings and cause serious damage. It is also highly difficult to prevent snowmelt water from entering the building in case-specific measures have not been taken due to which the extent of damage caused may be high in most cases. Snow melts slowly and water starts to creep inside the building such as basements that can lead to long-term structural damage to the building as well as other water damage problems. Therefore, in this article, we will explain a few tips with the help of which people will be able to prevent water damage caused by snowmelt flooding.

Keeping snow away from the foundation of the building

It is the most prominent reason due to which snowmelt causes structural damage to the building. When snow is in contact with the foundation of the building or it is close to it then it will be able to damage different parts conveniently. Around 3/4 gallons of water is produced due to the melting of 1 cubic foot of ice and in case a large amount of snow is in contact with foundation then and it will result in lots of water reaching different parts of the building.  Therefore, we recommend users to regularly remove snow that is in contact with the foundation of the building and keep it at a distance of 4 feet so that it cannot cause severe damage.

Using a sump pump for removing water from the basement

Over the course of time, due to the melting of snow, water will start to accumulate in the basements and in case it is not immediately removed then it will lead to severe water damage to the building. However, in case there is a sump pump available then it will continue to remove water from the basement and keep the quantity of water to a low level, which will not be able to cause severe damage. Therefore, we recommend users to install a good quality sump pump so that the water level in their basements does not exceed the bearable limit.

Repair cracks and damages in the outer walls

In case there are cracks present in the outer walls of the building then they will provide a path to snowmelt flooding to enter inside the building and cause damage. Snowmelt flooding will also aggravate cracks in the outer walls leading to severe damage. This damage to the outer walls can be dangerous in severe cases. We recommend users to properly repair cracks in the outer walls in order to prevent snowmelt flooding from entering the building as well as water damage extending to other areas. Get more info about how to buy a house that has been flooded here.

Top 10 Handy Dusting Tips

Top 10 Handy Dusting Tips

In this article, we will give 10 dusting tips that can help carry out smooth and regular cleaning at home. This will help maintain a decent look of the house as well as ensure hygienic conditions for the resident. Dusting tips make the cleaning of the house more convenient and simplify the process in the longer run.

Dusting unreachable areas

Quite a few areas in the building are ignored during the cleaning process. Over the course of time, dust and dirt may accumulate in these areas leading to hazardous situations. Some of the dusting tips in this regard are as follows:

  1. Fans and light fixtures are among those items in the building that are highly prominent but at the same time mostly ignored during the cleaning process. We recommend dusting these items regularly once every week.
  2. Bathroom vents gather dust and dirt and since they are difficult to clean can lead to serious health hazards. We recommend cleaning these vents regularly so that the hygienic conditions are ensured throughout the building.
  3. Baseboards and attics also remain hidden during the cleaning process. Special attention should be given to these areas at least once every month.
  4. Cobwebs start to appear at corners, molding, and door frames over the course of time. They have a tendency to give uninviting look due to which they should be regularly cleaned.

Dusting commonly ignored areas

Some of the commonly ignored areas and dusting tips are as follows:

  1. There is always dust and dirt in different corners and moldings of the building. Dust from these areas also spread to other parts of the building. We recommend cleaning these corners regularly.
  2. A huge amount of dust gets clogged in ducts and air filters. Dust particles spread all around the building through these two items. We recommend cleaning or changing these regularly so that the overall environment of the building remains healthy.
  3. Dust accumulates in the door frames over the course and time. Mostly we cleanup the doors but forget cleaning these hidden areas. Therefore, keep these areas in mind while performing dusting tasks.
  4. We recommend dusting walls along with floor as well since the dust from floor settle on the walls. This affects the original appearance of the walls.

Precious items Dusting Tips

Some dusting tips for cleaning precious items are as follows:

  1. We recommend using microfiber clothing in order to dust the precious items. Rough cleaning items can also affect the outlook of the item and scratches may appear.
  2. These precious decoration pieces catch the eyes of the observers. Therefore, we recommend cleaning these once every week in order to ensure their charm and attraction.

How to Cleanup Smoke Damage

cleaning up smoke damage after fire

Smoke damage can occur due to various reasons such as a fire, burning of something in the building or cooking something in the kitchen, which results in smoke. Smoke has the tendency to quickly spread in the building and cause damage to the walls and other items in the home. The smoke particles also stay suspended in the air leading to difficulty in breathing and other health issues for the inhabitants. It is, therefore, necessary to perform the proper smoke damage control process to bring the original shape of the walls, items, and other damaged areas. Similarly, it is also necessary to remove the smoke from building in order to protect the inhabitants of the building.

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How to Buy a House That Has Been Flooded

How to Buy a House That Has Been Flooded


When water damage affects a home, it is hard to be sold but if you are going to buy a house with that has been flooded, it is important that you are able to determine how bad the damage is before buying the house. This is even more essential if the house is about to experience more problems due to the flooding.

You should work with an inspector to assess the water damage and work with a contractor to give you an estimated budget for the repairs of the water damage. This way you will be able to tell the seller the amount of money that you will pay for the house.

This guide will help you to find out more information. This tips are shared and sponsored by Always Preferred Restoration in Missoula MT, a cleaning and restoration company that deals with flooded homes.

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5 carpet cleaning secrets and tips

carpet cleaning tips and secrets

Carpet cleaning is not always an easy task. Certain stains are really difficult to remove. Carpets get older, become full of dust and finally their colors become older and paler. Taking a good care of your floors will increase its life span and keep it as new as if you just bought it. So let’s find out some of the secrets used in carpet cleaning recommended by experts in the carpet cleaning industry so you don’t have to hire anyone to remove difficult stains in addition to keeping your floors always clean.

1. Never rub stains:

The worst mistake ever made when you have a stain is to rub or scrape it. When you do this, you are damaging the carpet by two ways:
– Pushing the stain deeper into the fibers which makes it more difficult to be removed.
– Spreading the stain to the surrounding area.
Soak a piece of clean cloth in a cleaning solution then gently pressure from outwards inwards to blot the stain out and avoid spreading it.

2. Freeze gum with ice cubes: 

It happens often when you find gum stuck to the carpet and you don’t even know from where it came. If you tried to pull it or cut the fibers with scissors, you may cause marked damage to that location. The secret in this situation is to freeze the gum by putting some ice cubes over it for a minute, then removing it with a spoon or a knife. Don’t try to cut the fibers or dig into it with the knife just scrape the gum and repeat till you remove it completely.

3. Wax is easily removed:

Candles make the scent of the house adorable but it comes with consequences. It may seem terrible when you find drops of wax stuck into the carpet but actually it is not. Here is the trick and some precautions to remove the wax drops properly and safely:
– Place a piece of cloth over the drop.
– Place a warm iron over the cloth. Don’t leave the iron on the fibers for more than a minute and keep the kids away from it.
– Scrape the wax out of the carpet with a spoon or a knife. Again don’t dig into it or cut the fibers.
– Repeat till you remove all the wax.

4. Grease spots: 

These are really difficult to clean but the following steps will make it easier:
– Mix some drops of a dishwashing detergent with a cup of water.
– Put the solution in a spray bottle.
– Spray the stain then with a piece of cloth start removing the stain.
– Repeat till the stain is completely removed. It may take time till you completely remove the stain.

5. Blood stains:

Accidents happen. Deal with the problem of blood stains after taking good care of the injured person.
Hydrogen peroxide is the solution. It is known as an antiseptic in severe cases of skin and wound infections.
Before using hydrogen peroxide, mix some drops of a detergent with water and try to rub the stain off.
Pour hydrogen peroxide over the reminder, It will foam.
Finally dry the carpet out with a piece of cloth.

Frequent carpet cleaning is the only way to keep it brand new. These carpet cleaning tips are essential when you face a similar emergency situation and you need to clean it immediately or to save money instead of hiring a professional carpet cleaner to handle it.

8 water damage restoration tips in emergencies

Water Damage Restoration Team

Water damage restoration in emergency cases is a delicate process. With the whole complexity of the situation, you need to calm down and think clearly about what to do. Here are some tips that will help you decrease the water damage and will make water damage restoration process much easier.

1. How to deal with electricity:

This includes two points;
– The most important thing to do is to turn the electricity off. You may turn it off in the basement, the kitchen or in the whole house according to the extent of the damage. Water is a good conductor of electricity so the possibility of electrocution is high. Keep the safety of you and your family first and then whatever the damage is, it will be repaired.
– After dealing with water, replace any electrical device that has been wet. Even if the device seems dry, drops of moisture inside the device may cause major electrical problems.

2. Call for professional help:

Call a water damage restoration company with a good reputation for help. You may consider asking friends and neighbors for phone numbers of a trusted carpet cleaner and restoration companies to be ready in cases of emergency.

3. Take pictures of the damages:

You may ask if this is a proper timing for pictures. This way you are documenting the damages for the insurance. Once you start removing damages or making any repairs, the percentage of the insurance coverage decreases.
Call your insurance company immediately; you may save a lot of money.

4. Start removing water:

After turning the electricity off and documenting the damages, it is time to remove the standing water. Estimate the amount of liquid
– If the amount is small, remove it with buckets.
– If the amount is large, rent a pump.

5. Rent a dehumidifier:

After removing the standing water, there are still the dangers of humidified structures. Renting a dehumidifier will allow you to get rid of any excess moisture.

6. Get rid of the damaged belongings:

While removing the standing water, categorize the wet items into the following categories:
– Items that can be dried out and be used again.
– Items that will not be useful again.
Get rid also of any wet organic materials. They will rot.

7. Check the integrity of the house: 

After removing damaged items and belongings, you will be able to evaluate the damage more specifically. Again, take pictures of everything for the insurance company. Write notes about the damages to be able to check on everything after replacing or repairing them.

8. The dangers of moldy house: 

It may not seem important after removing the moisture and dehumidifying everything but it is. When you estimate the consequences of letting mold invade your home, you will find out that hiring mold prevention experts will be cheaper.

After all these tips, double check on everything and make sure that you will not face the same problem again at least soon. What is worse than dealing with a big problem like that more than one time?

Be prepared for any emergency situation and remember that the top priority is the safety of you, your family and any living creatures.

How to prevent the causes of fire damage

Preventing Fire Damage

Fire damage is one of the worst nightmares. Fires destroy everything whatever it is. Let’s talk directly about the most common causes that create extensive destruction and the precautions you should know about how to control it and limit the fire damage.

1. Cooking:
Flammable materials near the cooking heat are one of the most common causes of fires. It only takes seconds for flames to spread so take care not to put any combustibles near the cooking heat.

2. Smoking:
Cigarettes are not only a disaster to your health but also to your residence. Make sure that the cigarette is completely put out and don’t through it in flames.

3. Kids:
Some kids like to burn things. Make it clear to them to stay away from flammables, matches and anything that can cause fire damage.

4. Electricity:
All it takes to produce a flame is a single spark. Imagine what a single spark is able to do if there are inflammable materials around it. Make sure that your electricity is perfect and keep any inflammable materials away in a safe place.

5. Candles:
Candles give the home a nice scent but going to bed without putting them out is hazardous. Put them out it will take a second.

So the risks of fire damage are high and that is why there are plenty of precautions to consider.

1. Fire alarm:
Alarms are activated through heat detectors, smoke detectors or manually. When they detect a fire, it warns people visually and audibly.
After establishing a fire alarm, test it regularly to make sure that the batteries the whole device are still working. Also place it in a place that it is reachable by smoke. It is common to be put in the kitchen.

2. Fire extinguisher:
It is common in companies but if you have one at home it will be safer. It will make it easier to control small flames like in the kitchen. Put it in a place that is easily accessible. It is easily used, just follow the following steps:

– Stand next to the door and keep a distance between you and the flames.
– Pull the safety pin.
– Aim the hose of the extinguisher at the base of the flame.
– One hand is holding the hose and the other is holding the lower lever. Squeeze the two levers to release the extinguishing material and release the upper lever to stop releasing. Swipe the hose to the left and to the right while putting out the flames
– If you are unable to put it out, escape through the exit.

3. Fire door:
Fire doors are thick and heavy to reduce the spread of flames and smoke. It enables you to call for emergency help.

4. Fire sprinkler system: 
It was only used in companies and factories but nowadays it is available for houses. The percentage of fires controlled by sprinkler systems alone is about 96% so it is the safest method ever to prevent damage.

Taking full control over the area is a very difficult task, yet it is not impossible. At least when you take your precautions, you will be able to stop the fire damage significantly. This way you are keeping your family, home and even your whole neighborhood from being destroyed.

The Qualities of The Best Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage restoration

Finding water damage restoration services is easy if you know exactly what you are looking for. When you have water damage, it now about finding the best water damage restoration service company as fast as you can. There are many reasons that may result in water damages such as cracks, leaking roofs, plumbing problems or wall moisture. These kinds of problems need immediate professional help; that is why you need to keep the number of the best water damage restoration services near you with you in case you needed it in such emergencies.

Here is how you can find the best and nearest water damage services.

1. Choose a Certified Professional Company:
It is important that the company you will hire is certified. This means it is kind of trusted. Also find the company that has certified workers. There are training courses available in water damage restoration services; make sure you hire workers who have the qualifications to manage your water damage problem professionally.

2. Ask Your Friends and Neighbours about Recommendations:
Everyone suffered from water damage problems so when you ask your friends and neighbours about recommendations; they will certainly have some companies in their recommendation list.

The reputation of the company among the local community should be great. When you work with a reputable company, you will be sure that they will do their best to keep their great reputation.

3. The Prices of the Services:
It is a common mistake to choose the company only because their services are cheaper. Low prices mostly mean low quality of work.

4. The Experience:
The experience of the company can be determined by many ways.

• The good reputation.
• The services the company offers. More services mean that the company has experience in many fields.
• The previous customers reviews which can be checked on the company’s website or social media. Go for the company that had solved problems like yours before.

5. The Availability:
If water damage restoration services company is not available all the time, which company should be? The following situations will show you how availability is extremely important.

• Imagine that you have a situation at midnight that requires immediate action. Make sure that you will be able to reach a company near you that is available at this time.
• If the problem is huge, you need to make sure that the company will keep working at your place until the whole situation is solved. This means the company should be available all the time to keep you updated.

Should I Hire a Professional Fire-Water Restoration Company For a Fire Damage Restoration/Flood Cleanup?

Whether you’ve experienced it yourself or heard it from media reports, encountering flood damage can be a stressful situation. Water is a valuable resource but things often take a different turn when it accumulates inside your home or business. Often, during water damage, you’re left with damaged electrical systems and belongings. When the situation is not salvaged within the shortest time possible there’s a good chance you won’t be able to restore your belongings.

Fire-water restoration companies provide restoration services to businesses and homeowners and help them bring their properties back to their pre-loss condition. One thing you must understand is that handling fire or water damage can be dangerous and it’s important that the job is taken care of by a professional company. The last thing any homeowner would want to do is risking their personal safety or their property’s value with inexperienced restoration services or even DIY effort. Here’s why you should always hire a reputable and experienced fire-water damage restoration company.

Avoid Future Remediation Expenses

Ever underestimated something only to realize later it had the potential of causing serious damage? That’s what happens with most homeowners when faced with fire or water damage. People often think the extent of damage is minimal and there’s no need for professional service. After a couple of days or weeks, they realize there were hidden problems which end up costing them more money in remediation expenses. Why not get expert service right away and have everything dealt with to avoid huge remediation expenses down the road?

Get the necessary Repairs done properly

It’s important that your residential or commercial property remains structurally sound at all times. However, when you encounter fire and water damage, there’s a good chance your building’s structural integrity will be compromised, especially when you don’t take action to resolve the problem immediately. Getting professional fire-water remediation service will restore the look, safety, and value of your home or business. Remember these are professionals and know what to look out for when assessing the extent of damage.

Professional Equipment, Experience, and Training

We both know that you don’t have industrial-grade, professional equipment that can help address fire or water in your property. A professional restoration company has the right equipment, experience and professional expertise to complete proper flood cleanup processes, fire damage restoration, mitigation, and drying. You can, therefore, rest assured that the restoration job will be completed thoroughly and as efficient as possible.

Professional and Fast Service

At least you’ve witnessed fire burning down something and water damage in a home. Truth be told, both fire and water can cause serious damage within a very short time. Getting the help you need as fast as possible is, therefore, important. Hiring a fire-water restoration service means getting fast service as they will respond to your situation as fast as possible and prevent any further damage. They will cover every inch and ensure your home completely restored to its safe and valuable condition.

Furthermore, you’ll get expert advice on which belongings are safe for use and the ones that should be thrown away. With these important reasons, it’s time to make up your mind and let a fire-water restoration service help you restore your home. Remember it’s a major investment and you must protect it.